Friday, May 7, 2010

Readymade Indian - Baghara Baingan by Deep

I have never had a homemade version of this dish.

However, this product seems to be well made. I used the oven warming instructions. It warmed evenly. It has a full, flavorful taste. It is not hot spicy immediately, it kind of builds. If you eat mildly spicy, like I do, the hotness will build on you. Else, if you eat hot and spicy, this may be mild. I ate one helping (there are about 1.5 helpings) of this with rice, then a second helping of rice with plain yogurt.

I really like how it has small eggplant pieces in the gravy. I prefer the pieces to the pureed eggplant. I know the pureed one is called Bhaighan Bharatha. Does Baghara mean whole pieces of Baingan (eggplant)?

Price is 4.79$ at our local India Market. Seems a bit high, but the taste is quite nice for a ready made convenience food, I can justify the price. I rarely make eggplant dishes at home because hubby doesn't like eggplant, so to make for one person, and the time involved, I will buy this readymade version again sometime.

Anyone else tried this or any other brand of this? What did you think? Any comparisons to homemade versions?

Thanks for reading!

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