Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Indian Cooking Made Easier Series by Oldernwiser0

Many wonder is Indian cooking easy? Oldernwiser0 would say, if not shout, YES! As with anything in life, it is easy or as challenging as you think it is or make it. I have always found Indian cooking to be fun, jammed packed full of surprises and about a million and one steps in addition to stocking my kitchen with a whole set of utensils and spice mixes (masalas) that I still learn about as I go along!

I have been following the Indian cookery made easier video series on YouTube created by oldernwiser0 for about one year. His style has inspired me to make many dishes. From every third Wednesday on this blog, I will share a video from his YouTube profile and my insights. Hope you also enjoy and are able to pick up some quick and easy Indian cooking tips!

Yes, Indian cooking is both fun and easy- besides being tasty!

Enjoy today's video, Paneer Making Made Easier.

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This video inspires me in a number of ways, which I will simply list in no particular order.
1. There is no need to make a large quantity of paneer. I go overboard and make a lot every time. At the same time, it's impressive how much paneer looks to be made from straining through a tea strainer!
2. I don't need cheese cloth to drain paneer! The tea strainer idea is fantastic, less waste and just as effective. I also like that half-moon shape, it reminds me of mozzarella I buy in small packets in the store. It comes in that same shape.
3. The method of adding the citric acid comes first in this preparation. I have always boiled the milk, then added the vinegar. It's interesting how someone can show you how to make the same exact thing in a way that seems 'backwards' to your usual method but comes out exactly the same! (That can actually be a deep spiritual lesson if one meditates on it long enough!)
4. Reading the text provided with the video on the YouTube page, some ideas of what to use the paneer water for is listed. Some new ideas are there for me to keep in mind for later. How does one make buttermilk from this whey? That will be my next lesson. In the meantime, I like to use the whey to make boil rice in, it makes it fluffy and creamy.

Paneer making made easier by Oldernwiser0 video at YouTube is used by permission of the author. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

Oldernwiser0, aka Srivats, is a retired senior bank executive who loves various hobbies including making easier pure vegetarian foods who lives in Hyderabad, India. Watch his YouTube channel for more interesting videos!

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