Friday, December 4, 2009

Recipe Review December 2009

Aayi's Recipes
Dried Gooseberry Gravy(Sukkil AvaLe Kadi/Tambli)
Shilpa shares a 'bitter' taste of India in this unique recipe.

Edible Garden
Gobi Manchurian
This unique Indian dish is a favorite and a special dish among some of my friends. This dish is a cauliflower (gobi) speciality with a nice gravy that, I think is Chinese influenced. But, until I read the recipe on this site, I never realized the gobi is covered in a batter and deep fried! Sounds yummy! I have yet to try it.

Fourth Sense Samayal
Spicy Rajma Gravy
Shilpa shares through captivating photo and poetry the beauty of thick, flavorful Indian kidney bean stew.

The Gori Wife Life
An American married to a Pakistani, living in Pakistan shares some lessons on traditional cooking mixed with modern touches in food storage and preparation.

One Hot Stove

Cashews are the new Cream
Nupur shares a tempting Vegan Dum Aloo recipe. Dum Aloo basically means 'strong potato.' Usually Dum Aloo dishes have whole, small potatoes in them.

Veggie Platter
Aloo Matar
Suma at Veggie Platter, shares a mouthwatering Potato (aloo) and pea (matar) dish ripe with the flavors of India!