Friday, January 1, 2010

Recipe Review January 2010

4th Sense Samayal by Nithya
Black Gram Dosa / Azhagar Kovil Dosa
A unique crepe made of soaked lentils, rice mixed with spices.
Cabbage Coriander Aromatic Curry
Though cabbage is not a vegetable I prefer, I am always tempted to eat cabbage prepared pan-fried in the aromatic spices of the South Indian cuisine.

Aayi's Recipes
Horsegram Idlis (Kulitha Idli)
This steamed breakfast or snack cake is usually made with rice and urad dhal, creating a white, fluffy end product. However, as the horsegram beans are brown, cakes made with these beans have a brown color. This is a unique ildi for anyone interested in trying something different.

Cooking for All Seasons by Srivalli
Tamarind Extract ~ Indian Basics Step by Step Recipe!
This tutorial is useful for anyone who uses tamarind and extracts the 'juice' from it for various preparations like sambar, rasam and others.

Dishes from My Kitchen - Pavithra
Ven Pongal with Sambar, Chutney and Tamarind Gojju
I can never say no to Pongal- a porridge made of rice and moong dhal with mild spices. The gojju side dish is the one that intrigues me most- the gravy of onion and tamarind looks simply mouthwatering. I need to try it for myself!

Hemant Trivedi's Cookery Corner
ALL FOR ASAFOETIDA........My Saga of Hing
Some spices encourage us to live dangerously! This post chronicles one person's amazing, heart-stopping saga of bringing hing across the seven seas!

One Hot Stove by Nupur
A Mini Fiesta
Who is not tempted by the vegetarian delights of Mexican cuisine- enchiladas, queso sauce and Spanish rice. Special interest is the enchilada sauce, which to me seems like a mole (pronounced mow-lay) sauce - which unlike most I have encountered in the restaurants is vegetarian!

Sailaja Kitchen
Roasted Roma Tomatoes
Sailaja creates this wonderfully simply and mouthwateringly fresh dish of tomatoes, mild spices and herbs.

Sailu's Kitchen
Aloo Methi ~ Potato Fenugreek leaves stir fry
Methi is the Hindi word for Fenugreek. Methi leaves for this recipe are fresh and picked off stems. Methi leaves are also sold as 'kasoori methi' in Indian stores, dried methi leaves. I actually made this recipe with the fresh leaves this month. It was amazing! This dish is not only a comfort food, because of potatoes, but because in the winter, methi leaves warm the body.

Suite 101 Articles by Scott Hayden
South African Cuisine
This article showcases the unique traits of a cuisine that is not yet internationally known.

A Vegetarian in the Middle East by Rajini
Oven Roasted Aloo Gobi
A new, healthier way to prepare potato and califlower curry- in the oven! YUM!
Rice- Dumpling Soup- pidi
This soup with rice dumplings is a south Indian delicacy that is little known. It also reminds me of a Hungarian soup made with cream of wheat (sooji) dumplings.

Veggie Platter by Suma Gandlur
Annamlo Podi
This powder (podi) made of roasted dhals (lentils) and eaten mixed with hot rice and ghee. Some people may also eat these powders mixed with oil, dipping dosas or idlis into it.