Friday, February 5, 2010

Recipe Review February 2010

Recipe Review February 2010

4th Sense Samayal
Cornmeal Dosa
Nithya shows us how to make an easy non-fermented dosa with the use of corn flour. I have yet to try my own hand at this.

Aayi's Recipes
Tomato Rasam
Shilpa prepares rasam 'from scratch'- no ready made rasam powder allowed here! I prefer making rasam this way because the taste of the broth is much more fresh and powerful. This kind of rasam is also useful to drink while having a cold to help sweat out the impurities. If one has a sore throat, throat, I think it's advised not to have oil, so remove the tempering part (this is what I do, anyhow).

Dishes from my Kitchen
Black Urad dhal chutney with Idlis
This spice powder is a wonderful and protein-packed accompaniment to the most favored steam-cake, the idli. Click in to see Pavithra's wonderfully artistically created photos to tempt your taste buds as well as creative/artistic side.

Facebook Friends Notes
Dum Aloo
Padmini Natarajan has a wonderful repertoire of skills and knowledge in both south and north Indian food! Here, she teaches us about Dum Aloo- pan or deep fried baby potatoes in a thick, savory gravy.

Sailaja Kitchen
Chocolate Mug Cake
This looks so amazingly easy, quick and delectable! And, it's from scratch- so it's like a dream come true! Much healthier than the cup deserts from the store- no High Fructose Corn Syrup here! (HFCS) Photo used with permission.

Microwave Dhokla
Dhokla is a steam cake made with a base of chick-pea flour (besan). Typically, Dhokla is steamed in a special pan which is placed in a pressure cooker. In this method, those gadgets are not required, and anyone can make it with a few raw ingredients in a microwave! What ease.

Pineapple Salsa
This "Mexican Chutney" would be a great accompaniment to corn chips or, my thought was if it had a minimal amount of liquid to add it to a pizza as a pizza topper!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Flavours from a South Indian Kitchen

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Tempted by the flavours, spices, aromas, textures and variety of South Indian and Indian cuisine? Today, I introduce you to Srivalli of Cooking for All Seasons. Click on the audio to listen a 5-minute review of her blog and new e-book "Flavours from a South Indian Kitchen." She is an amazing inspiration to cooks, women and working mothers everywhere! Her enthusiasm and passion for life shows in everything she does! I appreciate you spending your time with us today!

Enjoy all flavours of life! Try Indian - and South Indian Flavours today- in the comfort of your kitchen!

Flavours from South Indian Kitchen Recipes : 15 recipes Price: $5.00 Format: PDF

Thank you for spending your time here!