Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 - A Year of Friends and Food!

All photos used with prior permission by photographers.

Initiating this blog almost two years ago, my intention was to create a space to catalog my recipes, without the intention of creating a community as it has, especially over the past year. This year, after thirty-five posts, including posts on cookbook and website reviews and guests posts, this blog has amassed over 20 subscribers. Thank you to my friends, supporters and participants of interviews and guests posts.

This post is a chronicle of guest posts, interviews and a few of my personal favorite recipes of the last year. If you, too want to start making Indian culinary treats in your kitchen, see this post on creating your Indian-inspired kitchen in America, which is a tutorial on different gadgets that can help you create delectable Desi dishes!

Book Reviews
Both Cookbooks reviewed are written by Viji Varadarajan
Want to see Yogurt from a different perspective?
Review of south Indian vegetarian cookery chronicle:
A Healthy Taste of Indian Culture: Cooking with Yoghurt.
Temptations from the Tamil Table: Review of Viji Varadarajan’s Samayal South Indian Cookbook

Guests Posts and Recommended Recipes:
Paneer Makhani - Fried Homemade Cheese Cubes in Flavorful Cream Sauce by Srivalli
Recipe Review November 2009
Featuring culinary recipes and tips from blogs: 4th Sense Samayal, Aayi's Recipes, Hindu Blog, Ruchi, Veggie Platter, Vizmaya.
Recipe Review December 2009
Featuring culinary recipes and tips from blogs: Aayi's Recipes, Edible Garden, Fourth Sense Samayal, The Gori Wife Life, One Hot Stove, Veggie Platter

Inspirations and Recommendations
Aloo Bonda and Bread Pakodas by Oldernwiser0
Video cookery segment showcasing ease of making Indian deep-fried mashed potato balls (aloo-bondas) and deep-fried bread pieces with a flavorful batter covering (bread pakoda).
Indian Cooking Made Easier Series by Oldernwiser0
In this post, I shared one of the videos by Oldernwiser0 on paneer (Indian home-made cheese) making.
Okra Curry- the Martha Stewart Way and the Jennifer Kumar Way
A flavorful side dish made with okra (bindi) and spices.
Sambar Inspired by Viji Varadarajan
In this post, I detail how I create a savory, flavorful vegetarian stew, called Sambar as inspired from Viji Varadarajan's book Samayal: The Pleasures of South Indian Vegetarian Cooking (Winner Gourmand World Cookbook Award)

Recipe Blog Review: Vidhya's Recipes
Home cooked and ethnic dishes, using ingredients such as banana blossoms (right), of the South Indian vegetarian fare, Vidhya has also created quite a nice community of enthusiastic readers and people, like me, who have tried our own hands at some of her recipes in our own kitchens.
Insights and Inspirations by Viji VaradarajanViji Varadarajan
Combining her family's traditions and wisdom, Viji has written a series of TamBram (Tamil Brahmin) recipes, her Samayal series inspires me to learn more about her inspirations to share this wisdom with the world.

This year, my husband also inspired by some of my cooking skills, began taking photos of some of the dishes I have made. Click on the photos to see the posts.

Krishna's photography
Wish You a Happy Vishu
Keera Molagootal

Flavorful Spinach/
Mixed Greens and
Lentil Soup
Chenna Masala

Chickpeas Curry

Coconut Chutney

Dosa and Idli

batter recipe and

My photography
vattral kozhumbu - south indian vegetarian gravy
Vatthal Kozhumbu

Cornbread with Homemade Corn Jalapeno Gravy
Cornbread with Cream
Corn and Red Bean
Curried Gravy
Tomato Chutney
Tomato Chutney
inspired by Nithya

Create your Indian Inspired Kitchen in America!