Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lemon Rasam - Another Version!

In January 2008, I posted another version of lemon rasam. Here's another!

1/2 tbspn cumin seeds
1 tbspn ghee or butter
10 curry leaves
1 large green chili slit lengthwise
4 cups water
5 fenugreek (methi) seeds
1/4 tsp ginger powder
1/4 tsp cumin powder
1/8 tsp coriander powder
1/4 tsp black or white pepper powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
5 peppercorns crushed in mortar
Salt to taste
2 tbspn chenna dhal
2 tsbpn lemon juice
30-40 coriander leaves


1. Heat ghee or butter in a saucepan. When it heats add the cumin seeds, green chili, and curry leaves. Heat on high for about 30 seconds seconds.
2. Add the water.
3. Add fenugreek seeds, ginger powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, pepper powder, turmeric powder, peppercorns. Let boil on high about 2 minutes. Turn heat to medium. Keep on medium heat about 10 minutes.
4. Turn heat down - between low and medium. Keep on this heat about 20 minutes, until dhal pieces become a little soft, but will not loose shape.
5. Add coriander leaves as garnish. Stir.
6. Add lemon juice just before serving.
7. Taste for and add salt per your taste.

Tip, to save time, you can have everything ready to go as you need it. This is a good tip especially for the spices. I like to keep all spices needed for step 3 in a small bowl, kept ready before I start cooking, so I can just pour it in when it's time to go!

Eat this with rice and a side curry or as a drink by straining out all the "pieces".

Enjoy! Serves about 3-4.

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Asha said...

YUM! Sounds great. I would strain as you said and drink it like soup! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Asha!

Purva Desai said...

This sounds yummy......thanks for dropping by....
with regards to ur query....yes I do know corn soup....keep checking the blog will post it soon

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Purva!

Will be looking forward to it!!

Vidhya said...

sounds yum.. and its new to me. will follow these steps next time

Jennifer said...

Thanks Vidhya!! Enjoy!